Leadership Coaching


In professional team sports, it is not a given that the successful players go on to become the best coaches. This is rarely the case. Having the ability does not mean that one will have the leadership qualities to translate that ability when taking on the role of head coach and mentor. The same concept applies to business. A top employee won’t necessarily be the best leader, or manager for that matter. A leader requires a different skill set, that of “leading” a team effectively to reach the desired result.

Learn to Know Thyself to determine what type of leader you are, applying the best suited characteristics to become an effective leader. There is considerable leadership theory in the public domain, essentially your results will indicate whether you demonstrate effective or ineffective leadership.

Focusing on leadership in its “pure” form – without any influencing factors, such political connections or political games – where followers are willingly led out of believe in their leader, we return to a form of Warrior Leadership. Adopting a “win-win” mindset, the leader is able to develop his followers, allowing them responsibility for which they are held accountable (leader-leader model, rather than the standard leader-follower model which produces a worker mentality with limited results).