Self Defence Seminars

Krav Maga Self Defence

With the crime rate unacceptably high, NOW is the time to ensure that you can count on that one person in time of need… YOU!

Build on your life skills, develop your confidence and step into your personal power. Self-defence classes based on realistic physical concepts which are proven on the streets. Learn proven and tested techniques irrespective of the attacker’s size or gender. Learn also non-physical techniques for self defence, body language, assertiveness and more.

if you would like to attend one of our seminars, the options available are as follows:

Option 1: Half Day Seminar (4 hours) @ R250 per person

Option 2: 1 Full Day Seminar (7.5 hrs) @R450 per person

(there is also a third bespoke option for two full days. Get in touch for further info) 

Nobody wants to be a victim. Unfortunately, with our high crime rate we never know when we will need to defend ourselves against a threat. Here is the opportunity to spend time learning simple and effective techniques that could one day save your live or that of your loved one.

Training will be conducted in realistic surrounding, with psychological techniques and the incorporation of weapons in our classes.

The half day seminar will cover the basics, with the one full day intensive self-defence seminar covering the most common threat scenarios one may face. This will cover the following subject matter:

– Setting physical & emotional boundaries
– Understanding & making use of body language
– Tactical reasoning & choosing an appropriate course of avoidance first
– Actions to take should no other option be available
– Realistic physical techniques designed to work in stressful situations to help you escape, buy time or get help or get to a safer position
– Evidence gathering before, during and after a recognised assault and understanding the forensic process
– Use of improvised weaponry or legal self-defence weapons/alarms in self-defence
– Ground survival techniques
– Defences against armed assault

Further info:
– Suitable for ages of 12 years and above
– Participants who successfully complete the course will receive an Official Certificate of Completion.

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