Track Record

Track Record Highlights

Track record in forging mental toughness and high performance.

The WTC has worked with elites from sports to the military. developing the “warrior ethos”. The military is full of rough and ready soldiers. However within their ranks are the elites – the capabilities of these units are impressive to say the least.
We all have this power within…


In a drive to raise awareness and counter the spate of femicide attacks, female self-defence classes have been carried out.

WTC - Training Star College Cape Town
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Community Development

Forging high performance early on for the previously disadvantaged. Hundreds of of children have gone on to successfully complete the programme, following the very first community outreach programme in the sport of boxing - which featured boxing stars such as the former world Boxing Champion, Gary Murray, former South African light-middleweight champion, Coenie Bekker, top SANDF trainer and referee, Jan Louwrens. The aim of the project was not only to teach children how to box, but to teach life skills and to facilitate the community building process.

Elite Athletes

Four time Olympic Athlete, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist.
Worked with Marcus Adam, the four-time Olympic athlete. He won the gold medal in the 200 metres at the Commonwealth Games, and also won gold and silver medals respectively in the 4 x 100 metres relay at the Commonwealth Games and European Championships. He was also a member of the team which holds the British record in the 4 x 200 metres relay. He defeated Michael Johnson five times. on the athletic track.

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Gary Murray

World Champion Boxers

Gary "The Heat" Murray won the world welterweight title against Buck Smith, one of boxing's all-time knockout kings with 120 KO's.

Elite Army Paratroopers

Paratrooper training is known for its physical intensity. Proper mental preparation is key to match this intensity.

Claudio engaged with elite army paratrooper preparatory training.
Training navy elite


Worked with Marines - known for their enduring loyalty, lasting faithfulness towards their country and their brothers in arms... not to mention their fierce tenacity.

Physical Training Instructors (PTIs)

PTIs play a key role in developing and maintaining healthy fitness. PTIs contribute to the military personnel's mental health and resilience, supporting wellbeing and leadership development.

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Training Military Veterans

There is a strong and active circuit of former soldiers who frequently participate in remembrance occasions. For many, the “will to serve” does not cease on leaving active duty.

SA Police Services (SAPS)

Training of SA Police Services in reality-based scenarios, presenting tried and tested techniques.